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Migrated to new hosting server - Faster

Our technical team just moved this site to a private hosting server.  What that means is we will get faster response when viewing charts and other pages.  This is good for our customers and visitors.  We will have a redesign of the site next and more features coming.

Thank you for your support.



Gold Stocks Show Trend Reversal

Today I take a look of the gold mining stocks trend page and notice that most of the stocks are just started trending upwards.  This is a sign of a coming strong rally of the gold industry.   Despite the gold has been beaten down to the ground, there is a possibility that gold will have a counter trend.  I don't have an estimate how far it will go, no one will know.  My strategy is just follow the trend until red bars show up.


Asset Comparison

I reopend the blog so that I can constantly update where the market goes plus post some questions and answers that I think they are useful to our visitors.  

Today one of my subscriber ask:


Stock Trend Chart Tutorial

Introduction on Stock Trend Chart Basis

"It is simple to complicate things but it is complex to make things simple" - Nameless Hero


The charts on this site are generated by a proprietary trend model invented by Raymond Tsang, aka Nameless Hero, the developer of this site .


I am trying to simplify it here so first I will first walk you through a list of chart features and then I will explain how to apply them.

Here is a list of chart features:


A - The stock name with symbol enclosed by parenthesis.

B - The time in eastern region the chart was generated; in this example the chart below was generated after market close. 

Gold - The Real Safe Haven

Today we are seeing something that rarely happens: USD, bond and stock all doing down and only gold up.  What that tells is people are more likely to move money into hard assets (not real estate) but commodities.  Beside the safe heaven role of commodities, when the hyper-inflation comes there will be another boost to this asset class.  People were criticizing me not to treat bond as a safe heaven, yes it was but in the past, the new winner will be commodities especially in a currency crisis era.  Paper supply is unlimited where gold is limited.  Just my 2 cents.  

Introducing Monthly Trend Chart - Coming Soon.

Below please find a sample of the monthly trend chart of S&P 500 ETF. The chart depicts the prefect entry and exit point for this 13 months rally. The rally was started from March of last year until late April this year. The chart itself shows how consistent and reliable the model is. The model was developed based on some market trading and movement theories, by extending the same algorithm to monthly period, it produces such an amazing chart. Yearly chart is also possible to produce based on the same algorithm and I might consider to bring it live as time permits. Just a note, since the Google Ads was unable to generate sufficient funds to sponsor the develop and hosting cost of this web site. We have to consider to promote subscription based for some of the new features to cover the costs. As the goal of this site is to provide research tools and services to small investors, we sincerely don't want to put big burdens on our valuable members. We tried hardly to find a balance point where both of us can mutually benefit. We will announce the subscription plan once the monthly chart development reached production grade. The daily and weekly charts are still free to any registered members.


Have a Good Trading,




Gold, the King of Commodity - Inflation vs Deflation.

Gold going up since year 2002.Inflation, deflation or stagflation, which one will unfold next and what we can do to protect our money?

SP 500 Technical Forecast May-June 2010

SP500 Technical Forecast Chart for May-June, 2010



Short Bonds or Long Stock Market?

If shorting bonds is one of the best trade of the year, the recent stock market drop opens an excellent opportunity for shorting bonds.  And because bonds are so called "Safe Heaven" which I doubt it.  "More debts get you out of the debt problem.", I can't stop my laughing and it is similar to telling me to avoid a car accident by stepping harder on gas paddle?

YRC Worldwide YRCW Technical Analysis

I was talking to a financial analyst recently and he think that YRCW is fundamentally strong and have the potential to come back.  As of this writing the shares is trading at .48 a share.  I assume the stock is fundamentally sounded and what it needs is a technical analysis to locate the low risk setup.  So I bring up my browser and point to our site   Boom, YRCW is trading at a perfect low risk setup.

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