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After couples days hard rally for both gold and gold stocks, they need to take a breath. Yesterday I unloaded some of my gold stocks and gold leveraged fund, I am not trying to time the market, but my experience tells me to take some profit off the table if the stocks go up more than 10% in 2-3 days. It's just hard to time the market but it would always be good to take some profit off the table. In my trader's theory, cash is king and inventories has to go eventually; but for investors, that's another story. Long story short, I am waiting for this pull back to add more to my position, probably the next 2-3 days would open some good opportunities. My focus stays on NXG, BVN and AUY, DGP again. Well the trick is you have to believe gold stocks will trade higher in the near future and that's the psychological reason to overcome so you would buy on dips. I just set some buy limit orders and if it hits, I will be happy.