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On gold's weekly chart, gold formed an inversed head and shoulder pattern since March 2008. It still struggles to past and hold over $1000 per ounce. If we look closely, it also forms an symmetric triangle on top of the H&S pattern. Symmetric triangle usually implies the price could break out in either direction quickly. When it overlaps with an inversed H&S, I rather think it would break out to the up side. Statistically speaking, this is a guess of black or red scenario but the black sounds have a higher chance. However, if you are on the right side, you will be highly rewarded. Let's consider fundamental a bit, gold rallied big time last October as a safe heaven because of market crash. We are sitting now at P/E 18 for S&P and this implies high risk to hold stocks. In the good age, P/E 12-14 would be a fair value but now those stocks are overly-priced. On the other hand, there are couple signs showing that the smart money are parking to safe place recently. USD and bonds prices went up and low stock market trading volume. The above factors add the weight on gold. I would suggest accumulating gold and gold stocks this week. I have kept myself a list before the opportunities open, I like CEF and GLD which are good vehicles for gold where BVN, AUY and NXG are among the best gold mining companies out of my research.