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Think of GDP of a country is the revenue of a company; and the currency of a country is the stock price of a company; more over the deficit of a country is the debt of company. Then you will get the picture of what kind of situation US is in. If a company's debt grows more than the revenue, what would happen? Even it is a giant like Microsoft, IBM..etc. The only road map is to file bankruptcy. A company will have zero employees after it bankrupt and the assets are sold to the market and paid back the creditors. Back to the topic, if this crisis is a global recession, then the better performed country currency will appreciate and vice versa the bad country currency will depreciate. It's just that simple like 1+1 in arithmetic. In stock market, people will seek for defensive stock or even liquidate what they have and put in money market. But what if investor liquidates their currency holdings? What would be the money market for a problematic currency? The answer is GOLD, a global currency that always retains its value in the history since man kind discovered.