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  1. The trend signals could make a big difference on the same day if the market has a big reversal during the day.  i.e. the trend could be down in the morning but up before the market close.  I have seen this happens quite often and that's why I recommend to trade right before the market close.Don't long stocks when the market is close to the top.  Please refer to Fish and Current Theory.
  2. Avoid putting your bet in one big portion, rather to split and chip in couple portions over days and prices.
  3. Don't overly expose your hard earn money, there is no guaranteed way of you will be always on the right side.  Prepare to win many small battles to claim your victory.
  4. The risk of earning or losing money should limit to your daily expense so that you won't get shaken out that easy.
  5. News come after stock rallied or dropped, just ignores it and think it is just a decoration.
  6. Most of the time, the REAL rally only last couple days and they stay flat for weeks, keep your shares unless you really want for long term investment.

Nameless Hero

Nov 19, 2009