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Recently, commodities (lead by gold) and stocks trades higher in the market, or we could call it a big rally. However, USD drops below support and VIX trends down as well (even MACD crossed 2 weeks ago and it's weak). This tells us assets are getting more and more expensive (more people chasing asset instead of dollar). Because of we keep printing money, even our system still working and keep money flowing around (to maintain velocity of money). We sacrifice our real buying power to keep the system working. It's like a person who's very tired but he needs to keep his energy flowing to do the work. Instead of taking a rest or break (recession), he keeps drinking Red Bull. The end result will be his body collapses eventually. The is no magic behind our situation, we don't want to honor our debt and we don't want to have a deep recession to restore our energy. Instead we dilute our money basis to keep up our system and the result is quite easy to predict, USD will worth less and less and we become more and more ineffective because we earn back our junk paper by putting more efforts.