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Things are relative to each other, you have a big breath in then you would have a big breath out.  Even though the trending model caught the short term bottom on Dec 9, 2009, it seems the market is lack of fuel to initiatiate a strong and big rally.  One of the reason is US dollar has a sign of strengthen, second is we ara closer to the holidays and most things are slowing down.
Today I took a look at the Volitile Index (VIX), it seems that the index has little room to drop, that implies we may see a correction coming.  But how big is that?  I don't know and no one call tell.  My strategy would be keeping my current positions and hedges them by buying DXD Jan calls.  So that I don't need to getting in and out and pay the ticket fee by head counts.  I am still bullish on Citi Group even it drops quite a bit.  When I see the price action like this I would think its bullish because there is no fundamental change except today's news it pays back it's TARP and the price drops?  To think as the big players, they always want to shake out the weak hands before a rally comes, a 15% under $4 dollar would be enough to trigger most stop orders.  My opinion is it would be a waste if the big guys are not using this low price level to make big money from it.  If Citi was not bankrupted during the crisis, the fundamental would be on its side since then.  By looking at today's price action and one can imagine the big guys say "Don't touch my stuff or you will get hurt!".