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What is a bull and what is a bear market? Some people would think go long in bull and go short in bear. Some people would think MACD 50 upward crosses MACD 200/250...etc, etc. But what I think and believe is supply and demand. In a bull market people want to buy and not sell which makes prices go up.  People are not willing to sell their stocks because the stocks are paying more and more dividends over years plus the value of the company will go up pairing with increasing revenue.
In a bear market the opposite happens where more people want to sell rather than buy which drives the prices down. In short, fundamental analysis plays an important role here to evaluate when to buy and when to sell or what to buy and what to sell. In analogy, this is like the four seasons in a year. Its cyclic and unchangeable; but you still have sunny or rainy days in each season. In the stock market, weather is driven by our greed and fear.However weather only affects the season in short term or days as summer is still summer and winter is still winter.
To my understanding a bear market provides a greater chance to buy discounted stocks while a bull market provides a greater chance to sell over-valued stocks; fundamental analysis again. If you can overcome fear in a bear market and forfeit greed in a bull market then you won't really have to worry if it's bull or bear.