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As I mentioned to load up some gold stocks on Monday should have some handsome profit so far. It's hard to predict when will the gold stocks take off, but fundamentally they are at the highest pitch. Big picture is unfolding as we proceed to the center of pivot point and now we have gold breaks out to fill up the puzzle even more. What we have confirmed so far is VIX up, gold about to take off (if it closes at this level by this Friday). Gold won't break out without reasons such as USD tanks, bond crashes, stock market crashes, would this imply something big coming up?  I am not sure. What I would lean on is the stock market may have another crash coming based on what VIX tells us; in fact it was over bought as well. Who will buy those zombie bank stocks? This is like reminding me the time when closes to the end of tech bubble, those junk stocks are the last ones to pop and after that, market crash follows. I would hold some gold stocks and physical gold, keep a portion in cash and buy a out of money leap put contracts on the DOW/S&P index fund. If the DOW rally for another thousand points, buy another contract. Use small among of money to get the biggest effect.