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My model shows the correction happened on Aug 20, 2009.  Since then stocks have rallied for 2 days.  Stocks are traded like "Paying more to buy stocks now and you are in the smart club".  I don't believe these hypes since the jobs are moving overseas the unemployment rate will soar to double digits next year.  With the increasing unemployment, foreclosure rate won’t improve and will drag housing prices even lower.  All these negative effects would point to one single result – a prolonged recovery.  In history, if fundamental and present value of stocks goes the opposite direction then the correction will be huge.  Similar to the housing bubble, will you pay the price in year 2005 to purchase the same house today?  The only way result is you will never see the price again in 2005 for at least a decade or two.  I would suggest holding industrial leading stocks only if you still have them and unload any junior stocks and stay liquidated in cash.