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From what I have traded so far, sometimes I will add more rules to my trading style overtime which is quite useful.  This is one strategy I could always apply.  Let's say there is 50/50 chance on up or down days.  If I follow this strategy, I can dramstically lower my risk, for just buying stocks on a down day instead of an up day because now the chance of winning beccomes 60/40 instead.  I could remember how many days I chased stocks on an up day and got ripe off the next day.   This rule also helps:

  • Because you need to make sure it is either an up or a down day, you will wait before the market close to do the trades (generally you could avoid volatility and usually you will get a better price when buying).
  • You will check if this is the first down day before you long stocks and you probably won't enter the trade on the 1st down day, do you?
  • You will also count how many consecutive days the market has been going down so that you can train yourself when to enter the market.
  • You have significantly reduce your risk by just applying such a simple and easy to follow rule.
  • Congrate to you, you have also automatically applied the other rule: When people fear; you greed and when people greed, you fear.