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Almost perfect signals for enter/exit point for this case:


1. The first red bar on Dec 1 suggests an exit before a correction.

2. On Dec 9, the Short Term bullish bar appears green (very tiny) and indicates/signals a short term bounce is predicted after a downtrend indicated by 6 consecutive all red (LT/MT/ST) bars since Dec 1.  Then the next day, Dec 10, all Short/Mid/Long term trend signals are up (green) which confirms the bounce/rally.  Two days later on Dec 14, the stock breaks out.


What we have learned:

1. All ST/MT/LT going in one direction would almost guarantee the direction of the stock.

2. After consecutive days of all red bars, where LT/MT/ST are all in downtrends, a Short Term uptrend (green) is a sign of a possible bounce/rally, but one also needs to watch the closing price action.  A close that is just slightly up from the day before also adds to the rally consideration.

3. A flat price close 2-3 days signals a bottom, also adds to the rally/bounce consideration.

4. If the Broad Market Trend is up, this also adds to the rally considerations.





Chesapeake energy trend snapshot.