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Today I am demostrating a straight forward trade using the "Common Low Risk Setup Pattern".

On Dec 15: this is a potential entry point where consecutive red bars (at least 7-8), a sheet of green appeared and positive price action.  All these 3 criteria have to be met.

Dec 21: Still holding since closing price higher than entry price (your own judgement).

Dec 22-28, all good, whole green bars shows up, this are hold signals.

Dec 29-31, either take some profit or hold, a partial red appeared but trend level still looks good.

Jan 7: consecutive days of black bars and especially the negative price action, this is a sell signal for that many consecutive up days.  Timing is also important to determine when to take profit, nice trades usually takes 8-12 trading days.

Jan 11, should get out when black turning into whole red bars, 9 out of 10 the price will continue to drop, known as Elliot wave 5 turning into wave A.  As a matter of fact it does.

Another important point want to point out is to watch the Broad Market Trend as well.  In order to get the trade on your side, the stock needs to be in sync with the broad market to maximize your chance of winning.