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This is a live case study for Citi Group (C), I will try to post analysis on the coming days to make a tutorial on specific stock.  It is not guaranteed to make money but to illustrate how the trend model works and how to interpret the signals.  Anyone can add on comments if they have any insights even thought I am the creator, I still need to learn on how to interpret it.  I will post right before the market close in the coming days just to get more saturated signals.


Here is today's analysis.  We see some price action after some consecutive down days.  I had some Jan 11 calls strike at $5 bought on Dec 11 and today I added a bit more.  The great things about leap call contracts is you only need to put 5 - 10% of you money to participate in a risky stock for a year without risking the whole portion of your money.  On top of that, you don't need to tied up your money and invest somewhere else.  If Citi Group bankrupted, you only lost 5-10% instead of full amount.

Another consideration to add more position today is the Broad Market is very close to the bottom.

Here is today's chart.





CitiGroup (C) trend chart. /></p>
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