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Today's chart for CitiGroup shows a hold signal interpreted by positive price action, raising trend level and whole green bars.  Other than looking at a single stock, sometimes we should take a look on other companies in the same sector.  By viewing JPM, BAC, WFC are all on fire.  I would scale out the same speed as the price action rise, that means selling on any big price spikes, this can be achieved by setting limit order with a higher psychological price.  *Warning* This strategy is only for trading short term.  Keep in mind that we don't want to see the price going too fast and should maintain good discipline to get out when the price hits your expected one.  Yes you may miss the train...blah blah blah, this is the con of being a short term trader, but on the pro side you minimize the risk of holding long by taking a handsome 15-20% profit in 2 weeks.  Just need to look for another low risk setup.  There are so many stocks to choose from, why not?  Another significant to consider when to sell is the Broad Market Trend.