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Sorry I was on vacation and missed out the case study on Thursday.  I am here to continue the series for CitiGroup because I would like to find out what the outcome is.  I picked CitiGroup because I think this stock has big opportunity on the upside than the downside.  If I am wrong, yes I will lost money, but on the other side, I have the opportunity as well.  So let's continue what's to see what's happening here.  Today the price action is flattened and went up a little bit compared to the day before.  However the trend level is lower, that implies a lower price action coming.  This is like half and half case to go either up or down, therefore do nothing is better than do something about it.  I would keep my position unless my stop loss (@2.8) is triggered.  I think this is a long term play but I will keep updating this series of case study for educational purpose.