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Today the price still flattened or marginally lower with trend level lowering.  One can interpret: lower trend level means larger room for future uptrend, with price flattened or marginally lower.  Bottom red bar means long term players are leaving and the topper green bars shows some strength short term and middle term.  Two things I observed here:


1) Price flattened or marginally lower with trend level decreasing, the stock is in its consolidation phase.

2) LT leaving with ST/MT joining, LT leaving with price flatten is a bullish sign if I interpret it correctly.  That means the stock is changing hand to other players.


IMHO, price at this level is not worth to sell if they have bought the stock over $10 or even $30.  Let's see how it unfold.  This other bank stocks are consolidating especially Bank of America (BAC) shows a strong weekly MACD during the consolidating phase.







CitiGroup (C) trend chart.