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Today I took a look back on LDK and want to see if the opportunities will come again.  I remember I made 2 trades last time and I would like to post it here for study purpose.


On Nov 12, I add position because of whole green bars for 2 days and price flattened.

I got out on Nov 24 because I see the price action didn't confirm with the trend level and been maxed out for 3 days.

I enter position again on Dec 1 because the weekly signal is still up (available later through registration) and the broad market trend is close to the bottom.  (this one is just more guessing, but at least the model confirms a whole green bar and I was planning to keep it long term, well I always get out too soon).


I got out again after on Dec 4 for it made a huge jump that day, I can't resist the profit and I didn't regret I made that decision.


After that, I didn't check back on LDK frequently and today I come back and check: yesterday and today is a disaster.