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Gold Stocks Show Trend Reversal

Today I take a look of the gold mining stocks trend page and notice that most of the stocks are just started trending upwards.  This is a sign of a coming strong rally of the gold industry.   Despite the gold has been beaten down to the ground, there is a possibility that gold will have a counter trend.  I don't have an estimate how far it will go, no one will know.  My strategy is just follow the trend until red bars show up.


Introducing Monthly Trend Chart - Coming Soon.

Below please find a sample of the monthly trend chart of S&P 500 ETF. The chart depicts the prefect entry and exit point for this 13 months rally. The rally was started from March of last year until late April this year. The chart itself shows how consistent and reliable the model is. The model was developed based on some market trading and movement theories, by extending the same algorithm to monthly period, it produces such an amazing chart. Yearly chart is also possible to produce based on the same algorithm and I might consider to bring it live as time permits. Just a note, since the Google Ads was unable to generate sufficient funds to sponsor the develop and hosting cost of this web site. We have to consider to promote subscription based for some of the new features to cover the costs. As the goal of this site is to provide research tools and services to small investors, we sincerely don't want to put big burdens on our valuable members. We tried hardly to find a balance point where both of us can mutually benefit. We will announce the subscription plan once the monthly chart development reached production grade. The daily and weekly charts are still free to any registered members.


Have a Good Trading,




Please post your successful stories or any questions here.

Dear Chart Users,

Please post your successful stories or questions on this page and we will answer them shortly.  It is valuable to share ideas among each others.  To avoid increasing spams on this site, visitors please take a few minutes to register first before posting.


Site Improvement History

- Added Max signal to the chart to signal a top for each of the short term, middle term and long term trends.
- Change the price tag font to one size smaller to have a better result of more clear between price tags.
- Show helping text if user enter a ticker which is not included in the system.  Basically the system will add to the update list if the ticker entered is a valid one.

Please leave your comments here for the Trending Model.

Your suggestion and insight are important to improve the model. Please also rate the trending model here as well. Thanks for your time.

Launched User Enabled Ticker Search for Trending Model Signal.

User can now enter any ticker on the ticker box and click the button next to it to view the trend on a delayed timely basis (max 15 mins).  If the ticker has not been requested before, the system will include the ticker to its updated list.  The more requests to the same stock, the more often the system updates.

Launched Model Analysis.

Launched new section: Model Analysis, the signals are generated using my propriertary model.

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