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Looks like there will be a winner pretty soon, early Sep.? Gold/SM vs USD. I don't feel comfortable about it. USD dive could create chaos and people would jump to PM.  On the other hand, if USD rally hard like last year, then SM could crash and create fear as well. Looks like either way leads to disasters and this would happen pretty soon (based on chart analysis). There also a third scenario, bond market crash and boost USD and PM. Scenarios list from bad to worst: 1) PM/SM crash causes USD up 2) Bond crash causes USD/Gold up 3) USD crash causes PM up Here is my analysis, smart people would move money to oversees before USD crash, USD will rally hard up at the final stage of the process (people liquidates stocks, commodities...etc). Since last year's fall, money were flowing into Asia which we saw Hong Kong and ShangHai stock market rallied hard. But I would think that was the first stage and the next stage is to liquidate bonds. Maybe that's why they keep the bond yield low to maintain the bond value until they unload everything?? This infers that there could be a bond sell off happening in the second stage which drives USD up big time, and in turn drives stock market down. Eventually we will see gold price shoot up to the sky as a global safe heaven.