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Here is my analogy about individual stock and overall market:

"No matter how strong a fish is, if it swims against the current in an ocean.  It is hard for a fish to move forward".

And no matter how good fundamental a stock has, the downward trend of a market will bring it down.  Yes one may argue that the price will come back up when the market come back.  But do you know how long it takes and what if added by adjusted inflation, can the stock fight all the way back?

From a trader stand point, firstly we need to identify the direction of the current market and secondly we need to pick the right stock at the right time.  Missing one of the criteria can lead to future failures.  Our model can reliably identify the trend of the current market especially our monthly trend charts, act like a zoom out of what's happening on the current market.

For more information on how to identify the current market, please visit our front page.