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Hi, I'm new to your service and so far have found it to be quite unique and informative, especially with regard to near term analysis. However, I am also very interested how I would use the trend indicators you provide to analyze sector trend information over a 3-4 month time horizon. Can you shed any light, preferably by way of examples, on this aspect of your site?

Thank you and best regards.

There is a summary page which

There is a summary page which you can access from the bottom of the front page which  contains all the daily trends for SPDR sector ETFs, you can take a look here:

There also some specific aggregated trends for short, mid and long term trends where you can access from the bottom of the front page under the "Aggregated Trends" category.  As of this writing, we don't cover all the sectors for the aggregated trends but we definitely will add it later.


Sector Trend Analysis

Great! Thank you. I think I found all of these links. However, my question was more to do with interpretation. I can pull up any number of sector related charts on your site showing the last 6 months. What I'd like help with is to understand the best way to read the 6 month trend chart to "look forward" into the next quarter. I am forming some of my own opinions but would appreciate it if you would share some of your lessons learned in this scenario.

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For a longer period

For a longer period projection, my recommendation is to subscribe to monthly trend charts which is available to subscribers, you can follow this link to subscribe:

The monthly trend charts work the same way as weekly trend charts, it helps you to determine a bigger trend over a longer period.  Catching a multi month trend could be very profitable if do it correctly.  Correctly I mean you have to follow some of the constraints here:

1. Solid fundamental (not everybody can do it as it related to accounting principles).  We have started some fundamental analysis to rank and give score to stocks on different categories and this is valuable to someone who doesn't have fundamental analysis background.

2. Sector cycle.  The better the stock, the higher price can be achieved during a whole sector rally.  Also the best stocks in the sector will lead first, such as solar energy rally started last Dec, FSLR was the one to lead.

3. Recent market condition, this is crucial because most stocks are correlated to the main market (check out the beta value of the stock, bigger than 1 mean more volatile while less than 1 means less volatile compared to the market).

Whenever I can't determine the the current trend from daily trend chart, I will look up the weekly trend chart to help on my thoughts and find the hint for a bigger wave and same for monthly trend chart, a complement to weekly trend chart.