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Migrated to new hosting server - Faster

Our technical team just moved this site to a private hosting server.  What that means is we will get faster response when viewing charts and other pages.  This is good for our customers and visitors.  We will have a redesign of the site next and more features coming.

Thank you for your support.



New* Daily Report - Market Environment

Dear subscribers,


There is a new feature recently added to  Our system will scan the major trading stocks and analyze twice a day and will produce two reports per trading day.  The first report will be posted on the site after market opened around 7am Pacific time and another one will be posted one hour before market closed around 12pm Pacific time.

Risk Control

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Stop Loss - The Art of Risk Control and Profit Taking 


Risk Control is one of the most important yet hard to learn skill that any professional trader should have.  By knowing what the stop loss is before entering trades, you know exactly what level of risk is involved.  Once you enter your position, the next thing you need to do is to adjust your stop loss daily by revisiting the daily trend page.  As long as you move up your stop loss everyday the stop loss can serve two purposes:




Commodies Turn?

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We have bullish signals on almost all categories in Commodities, could this be something blewing?

New Search Functionality Gem Finder - Dec 18, 2011

Pre-Defined Rule for Trend Scanning

For inexperienced users, we have pre-defined some criteria to suit most needs. There are three kinds of pre-defined filters: Dawn, Dusk and Short Term.



Criteria for Dawn

Pre-Defined Scanning

Pre-Defined Scanning

Gem Finder

Gem Finder - The Ultimate Stock Finder.


"Trend Starts First, News Comes Later."


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