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Introduction to Daily, Weekly and Monthly Trend Charts

This site provides daily, weekly and monthly trend charts for most of the stocks and ETFs.  If you have a stock in mind and want to check the recent trend, simply enter the stock symbol in the text box located on the top right corner and click on the "Find Trend" button.  Next the browser will reload the page and the corresponding chart will display on the left hand side.  All users should be able to view the daily charts and registered users can view our weekly charts which should be displayed below the daily charts.  Our monthly charts are only available to our subscribers.


Market Environment

We cover most of the major asset class on the front page and the data are updated daily.  It may take half an hour after the market opens for the site to update that information.


Maintain a list of User Flagged Charts

For your convenience, at the bottom of each chart page there is a "flag this" link which allows the user to "flag" the chart page for later use without having to enter the stock symbol every time.  The flagged chart symbols will be displayed on the right hand side as links; user can simply click on the link and will be directed back to the previous flagged chart.


User Forum

Users are welcome to contribute suggestions, comments and ideas for the best of the site's direction in the future.  Registered users are allowed to start new topics or post comments in the existing threads but visitors can only view the forum and not write any posts.  By using the forum users are bounded not to post any ads as rule of thumb or the account will be blocked as consequences.


Share with your Friends and Families

Out site provides tremendous ways to inform your friend and families about us through email, Facebook, Twitter...etc.   On each page there should be a share button or Facebook like box so please use these convenient tools if it applies.


Last but not least, please take a moment and read through our one page tutorial here or simply click on the menu bar "Tutorial" button.