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Our Silver Plan Members have access to our Monthly Trend Chart Services.
Monthly Trend Chart - The Cheat Sheet
The Monthly Trend Chart is a useful and complementary tool to spot short, intermediate and long term stock trends.  We provide this top quality tool on a subscription basis for those  who think the daily and weekly charts are useful but not quite enough to determine the overall trends.  This longer period chart type is proven to be useful for increasing the chance of positioning for a long term uptrend.  It works like zooming out of the daily and weekly trend charts to get a broader picture like a cheat sheet.
How the Recent Market Crash could have been avoided
The big rally which started in March 2009 could have been spotted using the monthly trend chart. Please refer to the SPY monthly chart below, as it clearly and accurately reflects  the rally started in March 2009 and ended in June 2010.  Also the recent market drop in August 2011 could be spotted as early as July with the monthly trend chart, reflecting its accuracy and utility in spotting major market trend reversals..  This is priceless for long term investors who want to avoid a disaster on their 401K and IRA accounts.
Sample Monthly Charts
Below are some samples of the monthly trend chart: S&P 500 ETF (SPY), Apple Inc. (AAPL) and 20+ Years T. Bonds (TLT).






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Stop Loss - The Art of Risk Control and Profit Taking 


Risk Control is one of the most important yet hard to learn skill that any professional trader should have.  By knowing what the stop loss is before entering trades, you know exactly what level of risk is involved.  Once you enter your position, the next thing you need to do is to adjust your stop loss daily by revisiting the daily trend page.  As long as you move up your stop loss everyday the stop loss can serve two purposes:


  • Protects your capital effectively while keep you staying in the game.
  • Profit taking.


Here is an example of Apple Computer and it suggests to set the stop loss at $485.


Stop Loss: $485


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Gem Finder - The Ultimate Stock Finder.


"Trend Starts First, News Comes Later."


We offer this most powerful tool to our platinum subscribers to locate the stocks which have been trending up for n days/weeks/months.  This is the most profitable way to join the trend once it has started.  People might wonder how stocks trend for couple months until it is too late to participate hence this tool was designed to help investors discover the next gems.  


  • Over 6000 US stocks and over 1000 ETFs in our system.
  • Search trend by day/week/month range.
  • Search trend by bullish level (To ensure that you are not buying at the top).
  • Filter by stop loss (You can specify below 1% to see if you have luck on it).
  • Filter by sectors and industries.


For any similar tools you can find from other sites which offer similar functionality, we match 50% of their price!

This is the most valuable tool for investors who want to find out which stocks are under strong upward trend or about to start an upward trend.


This tool by far the most powerful and is priceless for big players.


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Plan Subscription


The goal of this site is to help individual investors to manage their own portfolios.  We offer the most powerful tools for you to gain an advantage over the norm investors.


  • Wonder when to position right after a trend has just been started?

  • Wonder why you always buy at the peak?

  • Wonder why you have picked the right stock but short term wise the trend is against you?


We have the right answer for you.  By joining our one of our plan you can access to the powerful and unique trading tools, this is the key how you can outperform others.  From the service you will be able to figure out the followings:


  • Spot potential new born trends, the reliability is extremely high compared to other public tools.

  • Adjust to the system determined stop loss to protect capitals and profit taking.

  • Gain the ability to locate stocks with trend indicators.


To subscribe to our plans simply click on the "Subscribe" button at the end of this page and it will securely direct you to PayPal website.  After payment is made through PayPal Inc., a notification from PayPal will be sent to us and our administrators will activate your plan subscription the same day.


Terms and Service

Once we receive your payment we will activate your account within the same day.  Please be reminded that the subscription fee is non-refundable.


Thank you for your support and have a great day.

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